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Social Networking Exercise Revolution

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How it started:

Once I realized that we had a life-changing exercise device with the  Bands, the next step was to decide how to market the bands with our  Fit system that included cutting edge fitness nutrition products.

I spent 12 months sharing the bands and nutrition products with people I knew as a test market. It became obvious that the  Fit system worked best when a person using the bands, shows another person how to use the bands.

I was now ready to go to market. As I looked at traditional marketing in retail outlets, and infomercials, as well as online retailing like Amazon, I realized that most of the profits would go to the big retailing companies. In addition I felt this was a 'cold' way to share this exercise system. I wanted to create a 'warm' environment of people-to-people sharing, that would create relationships where people share their results with each other. When people share the bands with other people, they love to see their response.  The response is always the same ... 'wow'!

When I asked people close to me, and the people I was showing the bands, how they would market , the response was the same;  use social media, and start an exercise revolution on social media.

They were right!

My history and experience in Network Marketing allowed me to see a new way to share and sell online. Share a big portion of the sales profits with people using . They will automatically want to tell others just from their results. When they have the additional opportunity to make a great income, a revolution would begin!

The term 'Social Networking Exercise Revolution' was born.

Dr. Mike DeBord


How you Earn in the Revolution

 Consultant and start using the  Fit system for your own results.

Share  with everyone you know:
- In person, show them the bands
- Send email and text. Share the link to the  Story video
- Post the  Story video on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tweet it
- After 30 days, share your  Fit results and pictures on social media

People will immediately want to know more about the bands, they will want to try them. Set a time to meet them to show them how the bands work.  Their response will be the same ... 'wow'!  Most people after trying the bands will say, 'I know a bunch of people who will want to try this'.

Help them Join as a consultant and start sharing, the same way you did.

Every consultant that joins your network and purchases products ... you earn  Commissions 
When they re-order fitness nutrition products each month ... you earn  Commissions 
When they refer new consultants that purchase products ... you earn  Commissions

You never have to take money, do paper work, carry inventory, or deliver products. Just share!

Once you start sharing, you will create your own growing Social Network!

By simply joining as a Consultant, and then sharing socially, you can earn spare time, part time, full time, or even lifestyle income!