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Professional Program


Sciences Professional Program

 Sciences offers access to the  Bands to Professionals in the Medical Field, Health & Fitness Fields, and Athletic Performance Fields, though our Professional Customer Program

Professional Customers include:

- Doctors, Physicians, and Health Clinics
- Physical Therapists and Nurses
- Physical Therapy and Rehab Centers
- Coaches and Trainers for Private, High School, Collegiate and Professional Sports Teams
- Gyms and Training Centers
- Sports Performance Training Programs

Program Benefits Include:

- Professional Customer Pricing
- Consultations for Customized Training Programs tailored to your specific needs
- Consultations with the  Science Advisory Board Doctors
- Access to current and ongoing BFR research, studies and results

Optional Commissions Program

- Professionals who access this program through their purchases can also refer other Professionals and earn Commissions and Bonuses
- If you know other Professionals who would be interested in the  Bands, simply contact us to complete an Independent Consultant Agreement

Guarantee and Warranty:

- Your first order comes with a 14-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied
- The Bands and Pump come with a 6-month warranty. Any defects and we will replace the item

If you have interest in the Professional Customer Program and would like more information, please contact our Support Team.

Phone/Text: 972.214.5844